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The Jubilee Challenge of the Holy Spirit
VHS video and booklet
Columban Mission Education

The Holy Land In Colour
by Sam Awwad

The Good News of Mark's Year
by Silvester O'Flynn

The Cathedrals Of Britain
by David L Edwards

The Ministry Of Reconciliation
by J D Crichton

Edward Ilsley: Archbishop of Birmingham
by Mary McInally

Newman: Apostle to the Doubtful
by Meriol Trevor

Newman as a Convert and Counsellor of Converts
by Rev. Peter Wills

by John Henry Newman

by John Henry Newman

by Fulton J. Sheen

Butler’s Lives of the Saints
Concise edition
Michael Walsh

Saints, A Visual Guide
Edward and Lorna Mornin

by Sister Faustina

A Life of Sister Therese of The Child Jesus and The Holy Face
by Catherine Frost

the Life of St Therese of Lisieux for Children
by Pere J. Carbonel

Teenage Saint
The Life of Dominic Savio
Peter Lappin

The Little Flowers of St Francis
W. Heywood

by Pope Benedict XVI

by Francis Trochu

by Frank Werfel

by Tanya Rice

Mother Teresa
Missionary of Charity
Heores of the Faith series

by Gerado Di Flumeri

Of England, Wales And Scotland: 
Beatified By pope John Paul II on 22 November 1987

by Paul Johnson

Antipopes who Split the Church
by Daniel MacCarron

Sundays & Feast Days
by Octavio Hidalgo

Its Story to the Reformation
by David L. Edwards

Despatches from the Heart
by Fergal Keane

by Rene Voillaume

by R. M. French

A Spiritual Notebook
by Basil Hume

by Michael Benedict Hackett

by Rev. Walter Van De Putte

A Celebration

by Fr Francis J. Ripley

A Devotional Diary by Two Listeners
by A. J. Russell

A Marian Novena
by Sarah O'Malley & Robert Eimer

by Rev Albert Joseph Mary Shannon

with Beatitudes, the Way of the Cross
and an Examination of Conscience
by David Konstant

Praying the Rosary
by Robert B. Kelly

Texts From The Bible

Discovering the Psalms in the Prayer of the Church
by Richard Atherton

The Family that Prays Together Stays Together

by Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy

by Bernard Haring

by Msgr. Michael Walsh

by Antonio M. Martins

by Laurance Goulder

by Laurance Goulder

by Laurance Goulder

by Joseph Cassidy

by Shirley Evans

Pax Christi

by Fr Anton Morgenroth

by Daughters of St Paul

by Stewart Craig

by Rev. Albert J. M. Shamon

Le Preghire di Milles Jesu.

by T. J. Driscoll

Jarrold Publishing

by David Sanders

by Paul Bussard

by Vera Riccardi-Cubitt

by Rev. Finbar Ryan

by Cecily Hallack

Her Times: Her Life: Her Virtues
An Historical Study
by Canon Ch. Cordonnier

• The Prayer of MaryLiving the Surrender Life
Keith Fournier with Lela Gilberts

• BogoroditzaShe Who Gave Birth to God
Catherine de Hueck Doherty

Spiritual Writings on Mary
Mary Ford-Grabowsky

The Riches of the Rosary

Gabriel Harty OP

Make the Wild Rose Bloom
Gabriel Harty OP

A Litany of Mary
Ann Ball
• Mary, Mother of All Nations
Icons by William Hart McNichols
Megan McKenna
Thirty-one beautiful and prayerful reflections on the Mother of Jesus provide a feast for both eye and heart. William Hart McNicholls presents many faces of Mary: from the Black Madonna to Our Lady of Sorrows; from the Mother of the Incarnate Word to Our Lady of the Apocalypse. Mary McKenna’s loving reflections on all these icons lead the reader deeper into Mary’s devotion and reverence before God, her love, her sorrow, and her compassion.

The Healing Touch of Mary
Real life stories from those touched by Mary

Cheri Lomonte

The Meaning of Knock
Donal Flanagan

Where’s My Rosary
Jane Mawyer

Your One-Stop Guide to Mary
Mitch Finley

A Year of Celebration

The History and Spirituality
Elizabeth Ruth Obbard

Pilgrimage and History
RC National Shrine

Charlotte Boyd 1837-1906
Kate Moore

Miraculous Images of Our Lady
100 Famous Catholic Portraits and Statues
Joan Carroll Cruz

Shrines of Our Lady in England
Anne Vail

Answering God’s Call
And having one’s life transformed
Fr Thaddeus Doyle CC

Real Love
is still possible
Thaddeus Doyle

God has a Plan for You
by Fr. Thaddeus Doyle
by Fr Thaddeus Doyle
by Fr Thaddeus Doyle

Resting in the Spirit
Fr Robert DeGrandis SSJ

Knowing Jesus in the World
Prayer with Teilhard de Chardin
Robert Faricy SJ and Lucy Rooney

The Everyday God
Changing Lives at Home and at Work
Jack Dominian and Edmund Flood

The Thorn in the Flesh
R. T. Kendall

Awake in the Spirit
A Personal Handbook on Prayer
M. Basil Pennington OCSO

Saint Patrick in Stained Glass
Lesley Whiteside

Catholics in Birmingham
Images of England
Christine Ward-Penny

Advent to Epiphany
Vincent Ryan OSB

Getting to Know the Bible
Redemptorist publication

Mother and Disciple
A Devoted Discourse on the Blessed Virgin Mary
Charles E. Miller CM

Reflections for Ragamuffins
Daily Devotions
Brennan Manning

A Book of Hours
Dr T. Tolley

The Gift of Self
Heather Ward
• This book takes a new look at our modern assumption about the individual, the family and the community in the light of the Bible and mystical tradition. It challenges many of the leading ideas in modern spirituality, formation and parish strategy by calling for a God-centred model of the human person. It attempts to establish a true vision of human beings in society, and offers a theological basis for political action.

The Master
A Life of Jesus
John Pollock

This is the Gospel of the Lord
Year A
Francis J. Mahoney

Fear Not
Thoughts for Living
Pope John Paul II

Celebrate the Third Millennium
Facing the Future with Hope
Pope John Paul II

Prayers and Devotions
365 Daily Meditations
Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul
In My Own Words
Anthony F. Chifflo

In Praise of Benedict
AD 480-1980
Basil Hume OSB

To Be a Pilgrim
A Spiritual Notebook
1999 edition
Basil Hume OSB

To Be a Pilgrim
A Spiritual Notebook
2000 edition
Basil Hume OSB

A Turning To God
Cardinal Basil Hume

Cardinal Hume
A Spiritual Companion
Reflections Through the Year
Liam Kelly

• Visions of Mary
Barbara Calamari and Sandra Dipasqua

• The Book Of Kells
by Ben Mackwoth-Praed

A Preaching Workbook • SOLD
David Day

How to Pray the Rosary • SOLD
by Sister Mary Francis
Pray, Pray, Pray • SOLD
by Sister Maria Gabriella of the Annunciation
The Lady said “Come to Lourdes” • SOLD
Damien Walne and Joan Flory
The Mystical Language Of Icons • SOLD
by Solrunn Nes
God’s Little Instruction Book for Mums • SOLD
Marshall Pickering
More Telling Stories, Compelling Stories • SOLD
William J. Bausch
The World's First Love • SOLD
by Fulton J. Sheen
The Message of The Lady Of All Nations • SOLD
Ida Peardeman
The Secrets of the Rosary • SOLD
St Louis de Montfort
Lord, Teach Us to Pray • SOLD
Lucy Rooney and Robert Faricy
The Imitation of Christ • SOLD
Thomas A Kempes
At Playschool with Mary my Mother • SOLD
Fr Jack McArdle SSCC
Evening Prayer for Sundays • SOLD
Sunday Vespers from the Divine Office
365 St Francis of Assisi • SOLD
Murray Bodo
Saint John Bosco • SOLD
by A. Auffray
The Mystery of the Incarnation • SOLD
Cardinal Basil Hume
Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament • SOLD
by Fr Vincent Martin Lucia
To The Priests: Our Lady’s Beloved Sons • SOLD
The Marian Movement of Priests
Thoughts in Solitude • SOLD
Thomas Merton
Our Lady and the Church  • SOLD
Hugo Rahner S.J.

The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary • SOLD
Anne Catherine Emmerich

The Story of the Families of Fatima • SOLD
by Manuel Pereira dos Reis
The Other Faces of Mary  • SOLD
Ann Ball

He and I • SOLD
Gabrielle Bossis
Wisdom and Innocence • SOLD
Joseph Pearce
Fatima, Russia and Pope John Paul II • SOLD
Timothy Tindal-Robertson
The Rosary • SOLD
by Sr Karen Cavanagh
The Mystery of the Cross • SOLD
Cardinal Basil Hume
Diary Of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska • SOLD
Divine Mercy in my Soul
The Glenstal Book of Prayer • SOLD
A Benedictine Prayer Book
The Cry of the Deer • SOLD
David Adam
Icons, A Sacred Art • SOLD
Linda Proud
The Story Of Ruth • SOLD
by John D. Chittister
Basil in Blunderland • SOLD
Cardinal Basil Hume
The Catholicism of Shakespeare’s Plays • SOLD
Peter Milward SJ
Cardinal Basil Hume, In my Own Words • SOLD
Teresa de Bertodano
The Mystery of Love SOLD
Cardinal Basil Hume
Journey Towards Easter SOLD
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
The Power of Dreams SOLD
Fr Gerard Condon
Playboy to Priest SOLD
Rev. Kenneth Roberts
Don’t Waste Your Tears SOLD
Jorge Tadeu Hermes
I Am Your Mother • SOLD
by Kresimir Sego
A Brush With God • SOLD
by Peter Pearson
St Ignatius of Loyola • SOLD
Penguin Classics
Praying with Ignatius of Loyola • SOLD
Jacqueline Syrup Bergan and Marie Schwan
Life and Miracles of Saint Benedict SOLD
by Pope St Gregory the Great
The Life of St Francis of Assisi  SOLD
E.E. Reynolds
Loss and Gain • SOLD
by John Henry Newman
Benedict XVI and Cardinal Newman SOLD
Peter Jennings
The Incorruptibles • SOLD
Joan Carroll Cruz
Faustina • SOLD
Apostle of Divine Mercy
Catherine M. Odell
Saint Sister Faustina • SOLD
Maria Tarnawska
Return To Your Heart • SOLD
by Fr Ben O'Rourke
The Prophecies of St Malachy and St Columbkille • SOLD
Peter Bander
Saint Catherine Laboure. The Saint Of Silence • SOLD
Daughter Of Charity, Servant Of The Poor
Padre Pio • SOLD
Anthony F. Chifflo
Three English Martyrs • SOLD
by Michael Clifton
Jesus: The Evidence SOLD
by Ian Wilson
Catholic Basics SOLD
by Fr John Redford
The Seeker’s Catechism SOLD
by Michael Francis Pennock
What is Mary Like? • SOLD
by Elizabeth Wang
Novena of Our Lady’s Rosary • SOLD
by Bernard A. McCaffrey
Signs Of Life • SOLD
by Scott Hahn
The Return of the Prodigal Son • SOLD
by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Hail Holy Queen • SOLD
by Scott Hahn
I Am with You • SOLD
by John Woolley
Walsingham and Charlotte Boyd 1837-1906 • SOLD
by Monsignor George Tutto
Pray the Holy Rosary Every Day • SOLD
by Fr Slavko Barbaric
Blessed Among Women  • SOLD
Peter de Rosa
Beads and Prayers • SOLD
John D. Miller
I Saw Our Lady SOLD
Tom Neary
Those Who Saw HeSOLD
Catherine M. Odell
The Book of Kells SOLD
Ben Mackworth-Praed
Dark Night of the Soul • SOLD
St John of the Cross
Care of the Soul • SOLD
Thomas Moore
The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin SOLD
Ven. Mary of Agreda
The Art of Faith • SOLD
Sr Wendy Beckett
Stained Glass Windows • SOLD
of Bromsgrove and Redditch, Worcestershire
Roy Albutt
From Darkness into the Light • SOLD
Marino Restrepo
The Shaping of Sunday • SOLD
Vincent Ryan OSB
I Believe in Love • SOLD
Pére Jean du Coeur de Jésus D’Elbée
The Women of the Passion • SOLD
Kathleen Murphy
Intergenerational Healing SOLD
Fr Robert DeGrandis SSJ
Tears at Night, Joy at Dawn SOLD
Andrew Robinson
Eucharistic Miracles SOLD
Joan Carrol Cruz
Thank God for Football! SOLD
Peter Lupson
Walsingham SOLD
Martin Warner
Queen of Angels SOLD
Janice T. Connell
The Mother of God and Her Glorious Feasts SOLD
Fr H. O’Laverty B.A.
The Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary Today SOLD
Fr René Laurentin