Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Bishop sets record straight on Medjugorje event

Italian bishop Fausto Tardelli has rejected claims that he approved of a recent Medjugorje prayer meeting in his Pistoia diocese.

The prayer meeting had been organsised by the The Sons of Mary in association with Medjugorje promoter Paolo Brosio and his charity Olympics of the Heart which is endeavouring to build a medical facility in Medjugorje.

Brosio had also expressed his appreciation of the bishop on his Facebook page, for giving “a positive opinion” to what the former TV presenter considered “an important prayer meeting”.

Within days after the event, however, Monsignor Tardelli issued a blunt denial to Brosio’s claim, saying he had not been properly informed nor permission asked, and on the information he had received had explicitly expressed some reservations.

The note issued by the Diocese concludes: “As long as the Church has not ruled definitively, [permission] is not granted in any parish church of the Diocese to spread the so-called messages of Our Lady, put statues or images depicting the so-called Madonna of Medjugorje, pray with formulas that call to it, arrange meetings with witnesses or alleged visionaries. They are however allowed pilgrimages, but in private – therefore not as a parish.”