Thursday, October 24, 2013

What’s the plan for today?

Do you sometimes get questioned about Medjugorje, on the lines of: “Why has Our Lady been appearing for so long? Why does she give so many messages? Why are the messages repetitive? Why does she have secrets? Why hasn’t the Church officially approved Medjugorje?

There is really a simple answer to all these and the many other questions we get asked about Medjugorje from time to time – and found in one of Our Lady’s messages.

She says: Dear children, I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in his great plan for the salvation of mankind. January 25, 1987

That, in a nutshell, is the answer to any question about Medjugorje. We are being called to be part of God’s saving plan.

But like all plans, even God’s plan can get waylaid at times. Something or someone gets in the way of fulfilment. Our Blessed Mother points the finger at satan, saying he also has a plan, a plan to disrupt God’s plan of salvation. satan produces a counter plan, even a plan that sometimes may resemble the plan that God has, an imitation, a copy with all the lights and trimmings to attract us to want to be part of this plan.

In her messages from Medjugorje Our Lady warns her children about satan’s plan of disruption and asks us to pray that his plan will not be realised.

God shares his plan with his Blessed Mother and each of us, but never with Satan. His plan is not designed for satan’s glory, only for the glory of God and for us to share in that glory. But satan seeks glory as well and because he is a thief he sets out to steal God’s plan for himself. That’s why satan’s work can end up for the glory of God anyway. It wasn’t his plan in the first place. He just hijacked it. We are the fabric of God’s plan. We belong to God’s plan and not satan’s. God created us as part of his plan. satan didn’t. satan may be powerful but he cannot “create” anything, only destroy. He is not the Creator.

Our Lady says that we are all important in God’s great plan which he leads through Medjugorje. He desires to convert the entire world and to call it to salvation and to the way towards himself, the beginning and end of every being. June 25, 2007

How can we thwart satan in his plan to draw people away from God? The Blessed Mother says that this is achieved through prayer. She asks that we arm ourselves with prayer and fasting in this daily battle. This is the way she wants us to respond to her call.

And in God’s great plan he also has an individual plan for each of us. We all have a role. Sometimes we ask: What is you want of me, Lord? What is your plan for me? The plan unfurls with prayer. It is not possible to fulfil a role in God’s plan without prayer.

So the plan for today and every other day, among all the dozens of calls life and the world make on us daily, has to be to allocate a time and a place for prayer.

Our Lady makes it very clear how important it is for God’s plan to be realised through prayer.

Dear children! Today again I am calling you to pray. You, dear children, are not able to understand how great the value of prayer is as long as you yourselves do not say: 'now is the time for prayer, now nothing else is important to me, now not one person is important to me but God.' Dear children, consecrate yourselves to prayer with a special love so that God will be able to render graces back to you. Thank you for having responded to my call. October 2, 1986

As to how and where to pray we can take out lead from Jesus... One of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us how to pray.” Jesus responded: “When you pray, go into your private room and, when you shut your door, pray to your Father who is that secret place, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you.” Matthew 6 : 6

Our Lady also teaches that all answers can be found in prayer. Nothing is hidden in heaven; everything is brought to light. That’s the plan.

My Son has a special plan for this parish. April 12, 1984

These days satan wants to frustrate my plans. Pray that his plan not be realised. July 12, 1984

The cross was also in God’s plan when you built it. These days, especially, go on the mountain and pray before the cross. I need your prayers. August 30, 1984

satan has taken part of the plan and wants to possess it. Pray that he does not succeed in that, because I wish you for myself so I can keep on giving you to God. August 1, 1985

Dear children! I am calling you to prayer! Especially since satan wishes to take advantage of the yield of your vineyards. Pray that satan does not succeed in his plan. August 25, 1985

Dear children, satan’s plan has failed. September 5, 1985

Especially live the fast, because by fasting you will achieve and cause me the joy of the whole plan, which God is planning here in Medjugorje, being fulfilled. September 26, 1985

Dear children, I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in his great plan for the salvation of mankind. You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design. Therefore, dear children, pray so that in prayer you may be able to comprehend what God’s plan is in your regard. January 25, 1987

Dear children, Today also I invite you to prayer, now as never before when my plan has begun to be realised. satan is strong and wants to sweep away plans of peace and joy and make you think that my Son is not strong in his decisions. Therefore, I call all of you, dear children to pray and fast still more firmly. I invite you to realise through the secrets I began in Fatima may be fulfilled. August 25, 1985

Open yourselves to God’s plan and to his designs to be able to cooperate with him for peace and for everything that is good. Do not forget that your life does not belong to you, but is a gift with which you must bring joy to others and lead them to eternal life. December 25, 1992

Dear children, each one of you is important in my plan of salvation. I invite you to be carriers of good and peace. May 25, 1993

May your heart be prepared to listen to, and live, everything which the Holy Spirit has in his plan for each of you. Little children, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you on the way of truth and salvation towards eternal life. May 25, 1998

Pray, and in prayer you are open to God’s will; in this way, in everything you do, you realise God's plan in you and through you. March 25, 2003

Today, joy is in my heart. I desire to thank you for making my plan realizable. June 25, 2004

Little children, do not forget that you are all important in this great plan, which God leads through Medjugorje. June 25, 2007

In a special way I call you all to pray for my intentions so that, through your prayers, you may stop satan’s plan over this world... October 25, 2008

Convert little children, open yourselves to God and to his plan for each of you. February 25, 2009

According to God’s plan I am with you to help you to have my Son, his Cross and Resurrection, triumph in your hearts. June 2, 2011

Today I call you to pray and fast for my intentions, because satan wants to destroy my plan. August 25, 2011