Sunday, September 08, 2013

Timely interventions?

This week’s Mass readings from Luke’s Gospel are very apt in regard to the focus of the world at this time on the problems witnessed in the Middle East, and the upcoming US Congress debate and vote to support Barrack Obama’s call for military intervention in Syria.

MONDAY: Cure of the man with the withered hand and the question asked by Jesus: Is is against the law on the sabbath, to do good, or to do evil; to save life or to destroy it?

TUESDAY: Choosing of the twelve when Jesus spent the whole night in prayer to God before making his choice.

WEDNESDAY: The Beatitudes – preaching of God’s kingdom and condemnation of the powerful.

THURSDAY: Love of enemies and presenting the other cheek.

FRIDAY: Integrity – can one blind man guide another?

SATURDAY: Integrity – every tree can be told by its own fruit.

SUNDAY: Triumph of the Cross – Jesus’ victory over evil.