Friday, June 24, 2011

Medjugorje “secrets” priest in England for 30th anniversary of apparitions

Fr Petar Ljubicic ofm will be the guest speaker at a special event to be held at Aylesford Priory tomorrow in honour of Our Lady Queen of Peace. Fr Petar is the Franciscan priest chosen by the Medjugorje visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo to reveal the 10 “secrets” given to her by Our Lady to the world.

Aylesford Priory is the Carmelite Shrine of Our Lady and St Simon Stock near Maidstone in England.

The event, described as a Day of Prayer and Reflection with the theme: Humility, Holiness, Conversion of Hearts, Silence and Reconciliation, will include Confessions, Rosary, Holy Mass, the talk by Fr Ljubicic, Exposition, Prayer, Benediction, Thanksgiving and Song.

Mirjana recently shared the following about Fr Petar and the secrets:

“Daily apparitions I had up until Christmas of 1982. That is when I received the tenth secret and Our Lady asked me to choose a priest in whom I will tell the secrets. I chose Father Petar Ljubicic. I am suppose to tell him ten days in advance what will happen and where, seven days we are suppose to spend in prayer and fasting, and three days ahead of time he is suppose to reveal it to the world. He doesn’t have the right to choose whether to say or not to say. He accepted this mission and he has to fulfill that according to God’s will. But Our Lady always repeats; do not talk about the secrets. You better pray. Because the one who feels Our Lady as a Mother and God as a Father, that person has no fear of anything. Our Lady says that only those who have not yet felt the love of God, they have fear. But we as people, we always talk about the future – what, when, where will things happen. But I always repeat the same thing, who among us present here, can say with certainty that we will be alive tomorrow. Therefore, Our Lady has been teaching us that we must be ready at this very moment to come before God. What will be in the future is God’s will and our task is to be ready for that.”

Three years ago, Fr Ljubicic had this to say about his assignment and the secrets:

“Mirjana received from Our Lady ten secrets. She has also received a parchment that is not from this world, but something Our Lady gave her and on it are the ten secrets. They are written right there. When the time comes for the secrets to be released, rather the first secret, ten days before, she will give me this parchment. I will then be able to read the first secret and then, along with her, I will fast for seven days and pray. Then I would be able to reveal to the world what will take place: where, how, and how long. That is before every secret.

“The first two secrets are warnings; especially they are for the people of Medjugorje because Our Lady first appeared there. When that takes place, the first two secrets, then it will be clear to everyone that Our Lady was truly there. The third secret will be an indestructible sign that will take place on the Mountain of Apparitions, in the place where Our Lady first appeared. That sign will be a great joy for all those who have believed that she is there all along. And it will be a last call to those who have not converted, and did not hear her messages. But it is not wise to wait for that sign.

“This is a moment of conversion. This is a time for prayer. This is the time for our spiritual cleansing. This is the time to decide to live for God, for Jesus Christ. Therefore, we call this time, a time of grace. That is what I can say about the secrets. Therefore we need to take advantage of this time in order to be ready to meet Our Lady with her secrets. That is my duty to tell people, that they should not be surprised over anything.

“I will first tell my closest and intimate friends. They would be ready and pray. And, of course, through the internet, television, and radio now-a-days and satellite. I believe that that would be the easiest duty. For me, it is most important that people would be ready. This is the desire of Our Lady and of her Divine Son... What you should ask yourself is, ‘Am I ready?’ And that is what is important. When he will come, will he find us worthy and ready? We will be called blessed then. If we are not ready right now, we have little time to do it. But we should not permit that we would be caught by surprise. And then on that given moment, we would not know what to do...

“I am not really having any weight on me as far as that goes. I know that there is a whole army of people that are praying for me. I just can’t wait until that will take place. And my point is because of that, many people as possible will be converted. I am always ready for any sacrifice that the Lord would send my way.

“I do have a sense and a feeling that this may come very, very soon, but I really don’t want to speculate or tell dates about it. You can look at the world today and you will see how urgent it is for us to convert and turn to God…”